About Us

Our story begins, like many other stories, in an Indian household, where we grew up watching our mother and our grandmother, as we fell in love with the intangible beauty of Indian hand-loom. Darjja is a projection of the yesteryear’s when prior to the injection of machine made fast fashion menace, Indians used to look fabulous while being traditional. When simplicity and elegance went hand in hand, even when clothing options were limited. Our mother is our biggest muse and teacher, as from her stories and her teachings we have derived the guiding philosophies of our brand.

This led us to a journey of discovery where we traveled to every nook and cranny, all around, to find aesthetics that collude with our philosophies. What you see curated here in Darjja, are efforts of love to preserve the fables and motifs that we began to identify from our early childhood. Every dress is painstakingly handwoven and every stroke on every brush has a tale associated with it.

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