Terms & Conditions

Returns/Replacement/Refund Policy:
Product once sold cannot be returned. Products can be exchanged for justifiable reasons. We DO NOT refund in ANY case.
We take utmost care while packing the products in case of shipping through our courier partners. However, if the product gets damaged during shipping, we will replace the product. It is subject to the recipient mailing us the photo within 8 hours of delivery. WhatsApp product image to +917758914659.Team Darjja will verify the damages and confirm the exchange. Buyer needs to send us back the damaged product within 7 days after confirmation in email from Team Darjja. Products sent without a consent from Team Darjja will not be considered for replacement.
Product returned after 7 working days will not be accepted. Once the damaged product is received, we will send a replacement product. If the same product is not available for shipment, we will issue you a “Credit Note” and you can redeem it against any of our products. Credit note does not have any expiry. Please note there will be no money refunded in such cases. In case of money deducted but order is not generated, refund will be initiated on the same mode of payment within 7 working days.
Please note that if the damage is not during the shipping and it is obvious the product is broken during trial; we will not exchange it. It is up to discretion of Team Darjja to approve the exchange.
Please note, we are unable to send anyone to pick up the damaged product from your doorstep even if the exchange is approved. You will need to ship the product back to us with appropriate packing.

Dimensions / Colour / Material / Pricing
Product attributes such as dimensions, colour, material have been mentioned wherever applicable. Please feel free to reach us to confirm the same before placing an order. No product will be exchanged/replaced on this basis. We click all the photos in sunlight to make sure that the colours are as real as possible. If you are not sure about the colour feel free to call us and confirm it. No product will be replaced on this basis.

An order cannot be cancelled once the payment is complete. Only exception will be inventory mismatch at our end. If you end up buying a product that is out of stock, we will cancel the order and refund full payment. Refund will be processed after receipt of the bank account details from the buyer.
Delivery / Shipping Time
7 to 8 working days within India and 15 – 21 working days outside India as most of the products are created after receiving your order. Sunday is a non-working day for our courier partner.
Material used for our products, Guarantee / Warranty
There is no guarantee/warranty for any creation.
We use best quality raw material. However, if you are allergic to synthetic fabric, we do not hold any responsibility to any kind of damage. Please follow our product specific wash care instructions and you will be able to use our products for years!
Content / Photos
All designs, photos and content are entirely our (‘Darjja’) property. Please do not use any image / content without our prior written consent or permission as this could lead to legal action taken against you.

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